In October 2015, the State Council officially approved the merger between Zhabei District and Jing’an District for the consolidation of the new Jing’an District. With 1.1 million permanent resident population, the whole district covers a total area of 37 square kilometers and has jurisdiction over 13 sub-districts, 1 town and 274 neighborhood (village) committees. Named after the ancient Jing’an Temple in the region, “Jing’an” is located in downtown Shanghai and adjacent to the city’s six districts.

As Shanghai’s important window to external exchanges, it has a long history and culture, and boasts beautiful urban environment, thriving commerce and business, innovative vitality and convenient information and communication as well.

This area is not only the axis for industrial development in Jing’an District, but also the central area of the golden business and office corridor of Shanghai. Therefore, it is the most important part in the industrial layout of Jing’an District. According to the plan, the Jing’an Nanjing Road Area is divided into five functional sections from the east to the west.

Shimen Road Section: for culture, media, public activities and comprehensive services. It extends from North Chengdu Road on the east to North Maoming Road on the west, having a planned area of 50 ha. Landmark buildings are Shanghai Television Station and Shanghai TV Centre. The part east of Shimen Road that features international and domestic media is expected to become a center of media, film and advertising in the Puxi Area of Shanghai; the part west of Shimen Road mainly has the subway station and the pedestrian street. There we should reinforce the construction of public spaces, take advantage of the protected historical sites, and develop leisure services.

Westgate Mall Section: for office, fashion, leisure, and famous-brand shopping centers. It extends from North Maoming Road on the east to North Shaanxi Road and Xikang Road on the west, having a planned area of 30 ha. Landmark buildings are Westgate Mall, Citic Plaza and Plaza 66. With the three plazas as the core part, this section will become a center of clothing of well-known international brands and office buildings. By protecting and rebuilding the historical sites and developing commerce of the three plazas, we will build the area south of Nanjing Road and north of Weihai Road into a model for the perfect integration of historical buildings with modern shopping and leisure centers.

Shanghai Convention Center Section: for offices, exhibitions and hotels. This section extends from Xikang Road on the east to Changde Road on the west, having a planned area of 40 ha. Landmark buildings are Shanghai Center, Kerry Center, Shanghai Convention Center and Shangri-la Hotel, the last one still under construction.

Jing’an Temple Section: for sightseeing, shopping, offices, hotels, public activities and traffic interchange hub. This section extends from Changde Road to North Urumqi Road, having a planned area of 40 ha. Landmark buildings are Joinbuy City Plaza, Aviation Center, Wheelock Square and Park Place, the latter two still under construction.

Concord City Section: comprehensive for commerce, offices and residence, featuring leisure and entertainment. This section extends from North Urumqi Road to Zhenning Road , having a planned area of 20 ha. The landmark building is Concord City, which is still under construction

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