Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, or ZJ INNOPARK, established in July 1992, is located in the center of Pudong New Area, with the planning area of 25 square kilometers divided into several functional areas including technical innovation area, high-tech industrial area, research and education area, and living area.

 In August 1999, Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and Government made a strategic decision of “focus on Zhangjiang” and clarified that the Park would specialize in such leading industries as integrated circuits, software, and bio-medicine to fully embody the functions of innovation and entrepreneurship. Since then, Zhangjiang Park has entered a rapid development stage.

After several years’ development, the Park has built the framework of bi-medical innovation chain and integrated circuit industry chain. At present, the Park has National Shanghai Biomedical Science and Technology Industry Base, National Information Industry Base, National Integrated Circuit Industry Base, National Semiconductor Lighting Industry Base, National 863 Information Security Fruit Industrialization (Eastern) Base, National Software Industry Base, National Software Export Base, National Cultural Industry Model Base, National Online Games and Animation Industry Development Base and other state-level bases. In respect of science and technology innovation, the Park boasts multi-model and multi-type incubators, and has National Torch Entrepreneurship Park and National Overseas Student Pioneering Park. A group of New Economy enterprises achieved leap-forward development. The Park is witnessing the gradual formation of the culture of “independent design, independent business operation, and free competition” and the entrepreneurial atmosphere of  success.

Allocated area 79.7 square kilometers, Through strong innovation atmosphere, a plurality of talent accumulation, powerful innovation platform, ZJ Park attracted a large number of top hi-tech enterprises and small-medium sized innovative enterprises, and is the birth place of new technology , new pattern and new format.

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