Pudong stands on a new starting point of development and embraces historic opportunities after the establishment of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone. It will have "strong motivation, bold innovation, rational process and inclusive mentality", prioritize the quality of development, streamlining of institutions, upgrade of functions, and balanced development, push forward second-round development, and reach new height.

By 2020, Pudong New Area will become a forerunner of scientific development, a core functional area of Shanghai's "Four-Centers Initiatives", a pilot area of comprehensive reforms and a an open area of harmonious ecology. By then, it will truly become a forward-looking modern urban area with multiple functions.

Priorities should be given to the construction of core functional area of financial, shipping and trade centers. Taking the lead in financial innovation and trial programs, Pudong will enhance the functions and capacity of the factor markets such as securities, futures, property rights and equities, and improve the financial factor market system of multiple levels. Great efforts will be made to introduce high-level financial institutions and to accelerate the construction of key buildings such as the Shanghai Tower.

The added-value of the shipping industry is expected to double that of 2010. The container tonnage aims to exceed 30 million TEUs and the airport cargo and mail tonnage aims to reach 3.6 million tons. Pudong will expand the pilot program of international trade settlement and make itself a national demonstration zone of import trade and an international trade demonstration zone. Yangshan Port will be established as the leading international bulk commodity distribution base in China. Efforts will be made in speeding up the clustering of headquarters of multinational companies, state-owned enterprises and domestic private enterprises, and in strengthening the functions of integrated operations, investment management, marketing and sales, settlement centers, R & D and innovation.

Great efforts are made to promote the modernization of urban infrastructure, such as pushing forward the construction of Shanghai Eastern Transport Hub of Pudong International Airport and the phase 4 project of Yangshan Deep-water Port. The construction of rail transport system will be advanced with 100 km new track being extended. The project of "Smart Pudong" will see the full coverage of 100 Mbps home broadband and wireless hotspots in public areas. New generation of information technology such as the Internet of Things and Cloud Computing will be encouraged to develop and commercialized. In order to make Pudong a national ecological zone, endeavors will be made to carry out projects of river dredging and the construction of sewage treatment plants and collection pipe network, lifting the urban sewage treatment rate to 85% plus. More efforts will be made to enhance product quality and the supervision over food and drug safety.

Pudong is also working hard to improve residents' income and keep the average annual growth rate of urban and rural residents' income higher than the growth rate of GDP and the city's average, and make sure that rural residents' income higher will grow faster than that of urban residents. Progress will be made in the construction of public housing in the form of relocation housing, public rental housing, affordable housing, low-rent housing and commercial housing with a price cap. It is planned to achieve the target of building or arranging about 20 million square meters of district-level public housing. The social security system is to cover all groups of people. As a measure to improve the service for the aged, the number of newly-added beds for the aged will be more than 5,800.

Entrepreneurs are encouraged to create jobs. Meanwhile, employment assistance will be strengthened for those who have difficulties in finding jobs. It is planned to create 150,000 new jobs annually. Pudong will build or expand 100 primary and secondary schools, optimizing the district educational resources layout. Pudong government will help Pudong Hospital upgrade to a level-three (highest level) hospital. The construction and relocation of 5 level-three hospitals and 5 level-two hospitals will be carried out. High-level general hospitals and specialized medical institutions will be introduced into the Shanghai International Medical Zone.

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