Gubei (Chinese: 古北) is an affluent residential area located in Changning District, Shanghai and covers an area of 136.6 hectares (338 acres). Gubei is best known as an enclave of East Asian expatriates in Shanghai, including those from Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. As a result, Gubei is sometimes informally referred to as "Little Tokyo", "Little Taipei" or "K-town". Gubei has a Koreatown neighborhood. Gubei also has a significant number of expatriates from Europe and North America.



Place of interest


Gubei is often mentioned as one of the first residential areas where expats would settled in Shanghai during the few years of stay. It is  home to people from all nationalities, east to west , north and south hemisphere.

The streets of Gubei are bustling and thriving with restaurants serving specialties from all over the world, as well as all over China including the local Shanghai food. From street hawkers, to local eateries, to the famous Lao Wai Jie (expat street), or to Gubei predestrian Street its a gourmet paradise.

The local pubs serves a full course like restaurants, not only offer a wide choice of food and drink, it is a good place to visit even with children.

There also supermarkets and grocery stories with excellent produce, meat, poultry, fish and all kinds of dry and imported foods for foriegners. Indoor and outdoor wellness and sports facilities are widely available. There are sports clubs, swimming pools, gyms and wellness clubs and a variety of recreational opportunities every day and night.


Metro. Line 10

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