How to rent your office in Shanghai

September 18, 2019

An individual or outside corporation who is registering a business in Shanghai must rent an office space. This office space will be registered on company’s business licenses and needs to be physically available for inspection by government representatives. An office space is required regardless to what type of company is registered. Rental office space must be in a commercial zone not in a residential zone. Furthermore, It is possible that some residential buildings also located in a commercial zone and qualifies to be used as a office space. So you really have to check on official zones accordingly.



Types of Office Space:

There are multiple options on renting an office space.

1. Regular Office: Office of your own. There are various office space rental agencies to assist you to find a suitable office space according to your budget and requirements.

2. Rent a work table: You can rent an office table in an “already registered” office space. Entrepreneurs and your investors frequently prefer this option as this is more economical for new starters. Advertisements could be found in many social sites and many websites.

3. Business Centers: There are multiple business centers in Shanghai who provides office rental space to individuals as well as corporations. A business center usually includes, meeting rooms, internet service, utilities, actual office and all the other office functionality. You can also rent a work table in an office "in a business center".

Current Requirements: