Xuhui District is a district of Shanghai.

The Xuhui District is centred on Xujiahui, after which it is named. Xujiahui was historically land owned by Ming dynasty bureaucrat and scientist Xu Guangqi, and later donated to the Roman Catholic Church. Being the core of Catholic Shanghai, the Xuhui District formed, together with neighbouring Luwan District, the former French Concession of Shanghai. Vestiges of the French influence can still be seen in the St. Ignatius Cathedral of Shanghai, Xuhui College, the Xujiahui Observatory, and some remaining boulevards and French-style districts.

Parts of today's Xuhui District were once the premier residential districts of Shanghai. After the revolution, however, the large estates near Xujiahui were turned into factories. In the 1990s, the Shanghai municipal government developed the district as a commercial zone.

Xujiahui itself has been redeveloped as a commercial centre, with a proliferation of large-scale shopping centres and department stores. Now it is a major shopping destination in the city, with shopping malls such as Grand Gateway Shanghai and Pacific Sogo.

The educational tradition begun by Jesuits in Xuhui continues with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the premier university in China. The district also has some of the best secondary schools in the municipality, such as South West Weiyu Middle School, Shanghai High School and Nanyang Model High School.

A number of former residences of prominent personalities remain, including Soong Ching-ling and Sun Yat-sen's former residence. Yao Ming of Houston Rockets was a resident of the district. Luo "Ferrari 430" Feichi currently lives in Xuhui.

Xuhui is currently served by seven metro lines operated by Shanghai Metro and one suburban line operated by China Railways:

         Line 1 - Jinjiang Park, Shanghai South Railway Station  3 , Caobao Road, Shanghai Indoor

         Stadium  4 , Xujiahui  9  11 , Hengshan Road, Changshu Road  7
         Line 3 - Shanghai South Railway Station  1 , Shilong Road, Longcao Road, Caoxi Road, Yishan

         Road  4  9
         Line 4 - Yishan Road  3  9 , Shanghai Stadium
         Line 7 - Changshu Road  1 , Zhaojiabang Road  9 , Dong'an Road  4 , Middle Longhua Road
         Line 9 - Caohejing Hi-Tech Park, Guilin Road, Yishan Road  3  4 , Xujiahui  1  11 , Zhaojiabang

         Road  7 , Jiashan Road
         Line 10 - Hongqiao Road  3  4 , Jiaotong University  11 , Shanghai Library
         Line 11 - Longyao Road, Yunjin Road, Longhua, Shanghai Swimming Center, Xujiahui  1  9
         Jinshan Railway - China RailwayChina Railway High-speed Shanghainan Station

Many foriegners working in Cao He Jing business park or near to south west of the city have choosen to live in Xuhui Distict

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